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About us

Meet the owners:


Veronique and Philippe were both born in France. Veronique was born in the North of France near Paris while her husband Philippe was born in the South of France near Bordeaux. They have  struggled to find items they grew up with, that their family cherished for many generations.

As a result they embarked in a long journey to select and find products from time tested companies, some as far back as the 1800's.

The scent of local soaps; the feel of the linens they use to hang outside while helping their mother put out the laundry to dry. Oh how they have missed that over the years. So they journey began..

They bring you some of the best handmade products from companies who are keeping the French traditions alive and are known for their quality; so they can share their heritage with their customers.

Come into their world and select beautiful products you might have grown up with; tasted or seen while traveling through France or simply always have heard about; through ancestors or family members living overseas and wanted to have available locally and across the U.S.

You have found it!

As owners, they take pride in take caring care of you personally; selecting quality products and bringing outstanding customer service. Let them know if you are looking for specific items so they may research them and do their best to bring it to you.

So go in, have fun, shop and enjoy!

Merci de votre visite et a bientot!.